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The Cornmill Stud

Rocky & Kentucky Mountain Horses

Welcome to the Cornmill Stud

The only pure bred Rocky & Kentucky Mountain Horse stud farm in the UK.


The Rocky Mountain Horse is a breed quite unlike anything you are likely to have come across before. Although this is a rare breed even in the USA, and even rarer in the UK and Europe, the Rocky has established itself as being a versatile, people focussed, highly intelligent yet easily trained, and smooth gaited breed. The Rocky will try anything with a smile. They truly deserve the description given to them by the Rocky Mountain Horse Association: “One Horse For All Occasions”. We are honoured to be custodians of this spectacular breed and to share our lives with them.


We also breed Kentucky Mountain Horses, a very closely related breed - in fact many Rockies are dual registered as Kentucky Mountain Horses. Our black breeding stallion, Satin, is both Rocky and Kentucky Mountain Horse registered and certified for breeding, and as such can serve all our Mountain Horse mares. In addition, we have three other silver carrying breeding stallions: Choco, Dreamy and Sorbet.

If you are searching for your perfect soul mate - easy going, dependable and sensible - stunningly beautiful, and with the smoothest of gaits, then look no further. Come and meet the Golden Retrievers  of the horse world. There really is nothing that can come close to a Mountain Horse!

Mighty Precious Lady, a grandaughter of the late great Kilburn's Chocolate Sundown

Our Mares & Fillies 

Exceptional Bloodlines 

We have chosen the bloodlines of our very special mares and fillies with a view to producing stock of the highest quality. 

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Choosing your Mountain Horse foal

We offer all our pure bred foals for sale in utero, as they are very much in demand. It is rare that our pure bred Mountain Horse foals become available once they are born, although there are exceptions. As our fillies come of age and more mares are added to the breeding herd, this may change. For now, however, the only way to ensure that you are able to purchase a 2021 foal is to reserve one in utero. 

We offer comprehensive and fair contracts which cater for every eventuality we can think of. In addition, it allows our customers to spread their payments over almost two years from the moment the foals are made available for reservation until the time that they are weaned as yearlings and are ready to leave for their new homes. 

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We are happy to accommodate visitors by prior appointment. Please email or telephone us in advance.

Yorkshire, UK


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